LA HIDTA Training Courses Offered

Marijuana Investigations, Indoor *On-Line*

Indoor Marijuana Investigations: Conduct an indoor marijuana grow investigation from start to finish

This 1 day (8 hour) Indoor Marijuana Investigations class is designed to provide training to further investigating officer's experience in detecting indoor grows, writing search warrants, prosecuting and testifying in indoor marijuana grow cases. At the conclusion of this class students should be able to conduct an indoor marijuana grow investigation from start to finish.

Students will be taught:

  • Marijuana horticulture
  • How marijuana is cultivated indoors, what equipment is used, and how a marijuana grow site is set up and operated.
  • How to locate and conduct surveillance on indoor grows, what surveillance indicators to look for, and how to explain the surveillance observations as probable cause.
  • How to obtain and analyze power records to gain probable cause.
  • How an indoor marijuana investigation should proceed from the receipt of source information to conducting background investigations on suspects, surveillance of the grow site, securing and analyzing power records.
  • Use of thermal imaging in indoor marijuana investigations.
  • Determining if the indoor grow site is a "two stage" or "three stage" operation.
  • How to write an indoor grow search warrant.