LA HIDTA Training Courses Offered

Crisis Negotiation One *On-Line*

Crisis Negotiation One: First responder approach to responding to calls of person(s) in crisis
CLASS DESCRIPTION: 8 hours. $80.00 VOD

This course will discuss several police incidents involving the crisis communication between law enforcement and the subject. A lesson learned approach is the main focus of the course, as a breakdown of incidents will be conducted and applies to a variety of circumstances. Students will hear from those involved in the incidents as well as the impact communication methods had on the duration and outcome of the incidents. Some incidents involved the response of SWAT response and the impact of this type of tactical response will also be debriefed.

An overview of calls involving suicide, hostage taking, and incidents involving mental health crisis will be discussed. In addition to the incident debriefs, training in the area of crisis communication will be conducted.

This course applies to first responders, supervisors, crisis negotiators, and those involved in responding to crisis calls.

A Crisis Negotiation TWO course will follow.

Course overview:

  • Overview of multiple case studies of critical incidents
  • Direct feedback from the subjects regarding:
    • Mindset during incident
    • Suicidal ideations
    • De-escalation techniques
    • Their story