LA HIDTA Training Courses Offered

Drugs. Mexican Drug Cartels and US Gangs *On-Line*

Mexican Drug Cartels & U.S. Gangs: Expand your knowledge of Mexican DTO’s and how they relate to U.S. Gangs
CLASS DESCRIPTION: 8 hours. $80.00 VOD

This is where intelligence, meets operational tactics. Our experts will expand your knowledge of the Mexican DTO's and how they relate with U.S. Gangs across the country. Students will also be exposed to the "Gateway" system that controls the Southwest Border crossings and the DTO's cultural dynamics that drive them. This wealth of information, along with common smuggling techniques, will then be culminated into actionable intelligence that can be applied in your fight against the illegal drug trade and the violence that precedes it.

Topics covered:

  • Mexican Drug Cartels & Transnational Criminal Organizations
  • The Gateway System
  • Smuggling Methodology
  • U.S. Gangs and Criminal Organizations involved in Drug Trafficking
  • Mexican Narco Culture