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Digital Currency for Law Enforcement *On-Line*

Digital Currency for Law Enforcement: Bitcoin and cryptocurrency basics
CLASS DESCRIPTION: 3 hours. $30.00 VOD

According to Europol, Bitcoin will quickly become the sole currency for cybercriminals. Currently 40% of criminal-to-criminal payment systems involve Bitcoin. Don't know what a Bitcoin is? Have you heard of Litecoin? Dogecoin? If not, then this is the class for you!

Digital currency has taken a hold throughout the world as another form of currency. Today one can use Bitcoin at restaurants, sporting events, and popular online stores. However, Law Enforcement is still playing catch up with digital currency. Would you know how to respond when taking a report from a victim stating, "I had $500 worth of bitcoins in mt. gox and they stole it!"? You can bridge that gap by registering for Digital Currency 101.

Topics Covered:

  • What is a Bitcoin
  • How to buy or mine Bitcoins
  • How digital currencies are used
  • Profiles of popular digital currencies
  • Profiles of popular exchange sites
  • How anonymous is digital currency
  • Criminal uses of digital currency
  • Introduction to the dark web
  • Legal difficulties with digital currency crimes

While digital currency is mostly legitimate, there is a dark side to include;

  • $409 million dollars worth of bitcoins stolen after a popular exchange market was hacked
  • $28.5 million dollars worth of bitcoins seized from the online black market site Silk Road
  • Liberty Reserve was shutdown in 2013 for digitally laundering $6 billion in criminal proceeds

Digital Currency 101 will show you the basics of digital currency and more!

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