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Narco Life *On-Line*

Narco Life: Understanding the symbols, idols and culture of the Mexican Narco trafficker
CLASS DESCRIPTION: 8 hours. $80.00 VOD

With the growth and expansion of the Mexican Cartels into the U.S., their influence has become a highly visible and dominant force in our culture. As the life of prominent narcotics leaders are highlighted in media, movies, and in your own neighborhoods, let me ask, is your culture changing them or is their culture changing YOU! 

In this course we dive into the heart of what makes it popular to become a "Narco". We cover everything from Catholicism to Aztec mythology, from Corridos" to "Alterados". You are given a special look into Narco Customs, Family, Symbology, Government and Death, just to name a few. Let us make sense of what you see on your streets, as we take you through a look at a lifestyle, a look, through their eyes.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding the role of religious articles used in the drug trade
  • Explore the roots of Narcos, embedded in Aztec and Myan mythology
  • Enrich your knowledge of corridos and alterados that develop our NEXGEN Narcos
  • Differentiating between true religion and cult belief
  • Bolstering your ability to testify about what you are seeing on the street
  • Understanding the relationship between government, police and cartels
  • Developing an idea of narco death; what it is and what it's not