LA HIDTA Training Courses Offered

Arson, Profiling from Childhood through Adult Life *On-Line*

Profiling the Arsonist from Childhood Through Adult Life:Learn how to recognize the seven most common subtypes of firesetters

This is an eight (8) hour class on the psychology of the arsonist. The course is directed at police, arson and insurance investigators, attorneys, mental health professionals, criminalists and parole and probation officers. The material is applicable to local, state and federal criminal justice professionals. Much of what investigators believe they know about the motivation of arsonists is based on bad science and mythology. The class looks closely at the seven (7) most common firesetter subtypes and also offers an overview of domestic terrorism and wildland fires.

Course Goals:

  • Recognize the seven most common subtypes
  • Differentiate motivation by subtype
  • Determine behavioral differences between male & female firesetters
  • Identify treatment challenges and risks
  • Review issues of safety in the environment
  • Recognize scope and motivations of domestic terrorists
  • Identify strategies and techniques useful in interviewing firesetters