LA HIDTA Training Courses Offered

Analysis, In-Progress Tactical *On-Line*

In-Progress Tactical Analysis: Provide vital information during the worst case scenario

What role can or should an analyst play during a number of “In-Progress" scenarios within their agencies? This module will help provide necessary information to be equipped and prepared for any number of tactical analysis possibilities. Analysts have the ability to provide vital information to field and detective personnel during in-progress crimes, officer involved shootings, search warrant operations, active shooter, vehicle pursuits, barricaded suspects, special events, to name a few. Establishing protocol with your command staff prior to the possibility of an active shooter or officer involved shooting will also be discussed.

Topics covered:

  • Provide vital information during the worst case scenario
  • Prepare yourself for tactical events
  • Resources and social media for tactical analysis
  • Establish protocols prior to emergency situations