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Intelligence Led Policing *On-Line*

Intelligence-Led Policing: “Intel” is more than just a buzzword

While assigned to an elite LAPD Gang Unit, Officer Davis and his partners had the opportunity to collaborate across boundaries with Federal, State, and Local agencies. Collectively, their teamwork brought down one of the most violent “next generation" street gangs in Los Angeles, and together they learned the value of intelligence-led policing directed at 21st century threats. This class tells the story of those missions, the lessons learned, and how good intelligence and counterintelligence can be applied to future law enforcement challenges across the United States. Together, we'll discover how “intel" is more than just a buzzword – it's something that's both a product and a process that not only enhances our operations, but also helps keep our families safe in the digital age. Sign-up today for this multimedia-rich class that features real-world examples, dynamic video clips, and more.

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