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Consent Intercepts and Wires *On-Line*

Consent Intercepts and Wires: Fast, affordable alternative to standard wires.

The best evidence in any criminal investigation is “the voice of the defendant admitting to crimes". However this is often difficult to obtain from a suspect or suspects that are not in custody. This course will explain in detail the usefulness of Consent Wires (also referred to as Consent Intercepts) in criminal investigations. Consent wires allow the recording of all calls made to or from a phone used by a victim of a crime, an informant, or a cooperating individual with the suspect(s) 24 hours a day, for 10, 20, 30 days or longer in duration. They can be obtained in less than 24 hours. Furthermore there is no need for the investigator to be present when the telephone calls with the suspect(s) are being recorded. Consent wires can be obtained for less than $600, which is substantially less expensive than standard wiretaps thus saving investigative agencies tens of thousands of dollars. Furthermore whereas a standard wiretap is very labor intensive, consent wires often utilize just one investigator perhaps one hour a day, sometimes less saving the investigative agency potentially hundreds of hours of manpower.

Course Goals:

  • Explain in detail the legal requirements that must be met to obtain a consent wire and potential court orders that benefit the investigation.
  • Discuss the technical capabilities or requirements to effectively run a consent wire.
  • Discuss how to handle the cooperating informant or victim and what parameters they must follow on the phone.
  • Discuss at length the investigative strategies of consent wires.
  • Discuss post intercept minimization procedures if needed in the investigation