LA HIDTA Training Courses Offered

Searches & Seizures: Understanding the 4th Amendment *On-Line*

Searches & Seizures: Understanding how to apply the Fourth Amendment
CLASS DESCRIPTION: 8 hours. $80.00 VOD

This class is a powerful multi-media presentation involving the use of real-life case studies, film, television, and contemporary music as examples to aid in the understanding of how to apply the Fourth Amendment to both basic and highly complex fact patterns. The course is designed to serve as an advanced tutorial for all law enforcement personnel, from road patrol officers, to task-force leaders orchestrating multi-faceted long-term proactive investigations. The course provides students with an overview of Fourth Amendment issues from traditional physical searches of homes, cars, and packages, to highly sophisticated matters such as when to consider employing "sneak & peek" warrants or sealing warrants, and employing electronic surveillance and searches.

This class is designed for both local and federal law enforcement officers of all rank and grade interested in mastering the legal issues surrounding search and seizure.

Topics covered include:

  • Conveyances, (Cars, Boats, Planes, etc.)
  • Boarder Searches
  • Homes
  • Hotel & Motel Rooms
  • K-9 Searches
  • Trash
  • Businesses
  • Government Workplaces
  • Administrative Searches
  • Probation Searches
  • Plain View
  • Open Fields
  • Search Incident to Arrest
  • Inventory Searches
  • Abandoned Property
  • Mail Searches
  • Consent Searches
  • Anticipatory Warrants
  • Sneak and Peek Warrants
  • Sealing the Warrant
  • Exigent Searches
  • Forensic Evidence - DNA, Fingerprints, Voice & Handwriting Examplars
  • Looking & Listening
  • Pole Cameras
  • Bugs
  • Wiretaps
  • Cyber & Virtual Searches
  • Cell Phones, Computers, DVRs, etc.
  • Mobile Tracking Devices
  • Pen Registers/Trap & Trace Devices