LA HIDTA Training Courses Offered

Analysis, Best Practices for Effective Crime *On-Line*
Analysis, Creating Interactive Crime Maps Using ArcGIS & Model Builder *On-Line*
Analysis, In-Progress Tactical *On-Line*
Analysis, Slicing and Dicing Data *On-Line*
Analysis. Command Post Operations *On-Line*
Analytical Successes: How you can Maximize yours! *On-Line*
Arson, Profiling from Childhood through Adult Life *On-Line*
Call Record Tool for Major Investigations
Consent Intercepts and Wires *On-Line*
Crisis Negotiation One *On-Line*
Detecting Danger with Doc. Steven Rhoads *On-Line*
Detecting Deception with Doc. Steven Rhoads *On-Line*
Detecting Deception with Joelle Sweeney *On-Line*
Detective School *On-Line*
Digital Currency for Law Enforcement *On-Line*
Drugs, The Evolving World of Synthetic *On-Line*
Drugs. Butane Honey Oil *On-Line*
Drugs. Mexican Drug Cartels and US Gangs *On-Line*
Drugs. Pharmaceuticals. Dealing Death *On-Line*
Electronic Surveillance (Wiretap)
Facebook for Law Enforcement *On-Line*
Force Investigations, Use of *On-Line*
Fraud, Forgery and ID Theft *On-Line*
GPS for Law Enforcement *On-Line*
Intelligence Led Policing *On-Line*
Interdiction Operations *On-Line*
LA CLEAR and War Room Orientation
Marijuana Expert Witness, Indoor *On-Line*
Marijuana Investigations, Indoor *On-Line*
Marijuana Officer Safety, Indoor *On-Line*
Mental Illness for First Responders *On-Line*
Meth, Making *On-Line*
Money Laundering for Police Officers *On-Line*
Narco Life *On-Line*
Narcotics on Patrol *On-Line*
Psychology for Cops, Advanced *On-Line*
School Violence for First Responders *On-Line*
Searches & Seizures: Understanding the 4th Amendment *On-Line*
Social Media for Law Enforcement *On-Line*
Wiretapping. Understanding Electronic Surveillance *On-Line*